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Liverpool Writing Quality Mark

In June 2019 The school were awarded the GOLD Quality Mark



• To create a culture which encourages all learners to write for purpose and pleasure

• To strengthen provision for writing in school

• To develop partnerships with other schools and the wider community

• To improve outcomes for pupils in writing and wider literacy skills


Teachers as writers

 • Promote writing for pleasure and purpose

• Widen their own concept of writing

• Promote “teachers who write and writers who teach.”

• Build positive writing identities for all children

• Foster writing autonomy

• Blur the boundaries between writing at school and at home


Writing schools encourage:

• immersion in a wide variety of quality texts

• frequent opportunities for speaking and listening

• explore an extensive range of purposes, audiences and viewpoints

• facilitate independence and choice

• place reading and writing at the heart of the curriculum

• celebrate writing as a key life skill


Key Themes

 Leadership and Management
 Workforce Development
Writing Promotion
Writing Events and Groups
School wide opportunities for writing for a purpose
Family/Community involvement


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