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Ernest cookson School

Ernest Cookson School is a Special School for pupils with Social Emotional Mental Health difficulties 

The school has 70 places for boys.


  • To promote the safeguarding and welfare of all pupils.
  • To raise the level of social and emotional competence of all pupils
  • To raise the self-esteem of all pupils
  • To promote each pupil’s academic and social development
  • To promote a climate where pupils learn and where behaviour changes for the better
  • To ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils
  • To develop pupils tolerance and respect for others
  • To maintain close working partnerships with all parents/carers and outside agencies
  • To create a safe environment for all pupils while they are at school
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the progress of all pupils regularly
  • To provide pupils with the skills and knowledge to equip them for life after school
  • To promote British values
  • To enable pupils to adapt readily to a changing environment
  • To return pupils to a mainstream school whenever appropriate.